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San Francisco native Malik Wade is a mentor and youth advocate who focuses his efforts on at-risk youth facing daily challenges and adversity. He can be seen regularly at the Juvenile Justice courthouse speaking on behalf of these young men or at their schools speaking with teachers and coaches.

Mr. Wade's mentorship also consists of seemingly simple things such as taking a young person out for a healthy meal or stopping by their homes to speak with their parent or guardian. He has completely dedicated his life to helping these at-risk youth improve their lives and possibility for success.

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Malik Wade is a mentor, author, entrepreneur and leader whose story of personal transformation has motivated and inspired many. In 1993, he was put on the FBI’s most wanted list which lead to him being a fugitive for seven years. He was subsequently arrested and served a fourteen-year federal prison term for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Today he is the founder and Executive Director of Scholastic Interest Group (SIG), a non-profit organization in his hometown of San Francisco. As Executive Director of SIG, Mr. Wade mentors at-risk youth, speaks at universities such as Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, and Cal State University San Francisco, and speaks frequently at juvenile halls and high schools across the nation. Read about his amazing journey in his soon to be released memoir PRESSURE: FROM FBI FUGITIVE TO FREEDOM.

Book Trailer

Book Trailer

Purchase the eBook here!

Purchase the eBook here!

Purchase the eBook here!

Book Reviews

“Wade is a natural raconteur, and his account of his life both before and during his time in prison makes for compelling reading.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The author manages to embody both the successes and failures of the American experience, and in his life the reader gets the opportunity to consider who society deems deserving of punishment and who remains worthy of rehabilitation.”

Kirkus Reviews

Book Review

“Following Malik Wade’s remarkable life induces pain and sorrow on the one hand, delight, and hope on the other.”

Patricia Hilden


“Pressure is a story about survival, winning and losing, heartbreak, hopelessness, and how the light at the end of the tunnel finally appears for those whose faith is tested.”

Jeff Adachi

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